Drawing on collaborations with community members, government agencies, clubs as well as businesses, schools and religious organizations, GO GURNEE seeks to create more awareness of the many programs and services that support local health and wellness initiatives.

Inspired by the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, the first stage of the movement is to encourage our community to walk at least 30 minutes each day. GO Gurnee is made possible by Gurnee Park District partners including, Lake County Health Department, Lake County Forest Preserve, FitNation and the Village of Gurnee.  

Sign Up for GO GURNEE

  1. Receive a limited edition GO GURNEE Champion T-shirt.
  2. Improve your health and well-being.
  3. Feel rewarded by others' success through your support and leadership.
  4. Be empowered knowing you made a difference.
  5. Decrease national obesity rates - one person at a time.

GO The Distance: Youth Walking Challenge

This summer make every step count in the youth walking challenge! Register and commit to walking a total of 26.2 miles between April 29 and July 15th and get rewarded!

GO The Distance: Youth Walking Challenge has lots going on all summer long! To view walks, visit the GPD calendar or follow GO GURNEE on Facebook. Additional important dates for GO The Distance: Youth Walking Challenge are listed below!

• April 29, 4:00pm, Viking Park, Kick Off Event
• April 29, GO The Distance: Youth Walking Challenge begins
• June 8, last day to register and receive walking tracker via email and pick up GO T-shirt at Hunt Club Park Community Center
• July 15, GO The Distance: Youth Walking Challenge end
• July 16, GO The Distance: Youth Walking Challenge prize packs are available for pick-up at Hunt Club Park Community Center
• July 20, last day to pick up GO The Distance: Youth Walking Challenge prize packs at Hunt Club Park Community Center.

To start, click here to register. Upon completion of your registration, visit Hunt Club Park Community Center to pick up your t-shirt. Your walking tracker will be emailed to you.

Click here for the full FAQs.

The GO Gurnee Youth Walking Challenge: Go the Distance program is FREE! Registration is required. Click here to register.

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Yes, please contact Beckie Korzyniewski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Click here for the full FAQs.

We want everyone to do their personal best in the challenge. Only completed trackers will be accepted to receive GO The Distance: Youth Walking Challenge prize packs.

Click here for the full FAQs.

 Take it a Step Further! GO GURNEE!

Parks are so close! 80% of Gurnee residents reside within a 1/2 mile and 99.9% live within 1 mile! Make your goals fun and visit your neighborhood park! 

  1. Set a goal: Step up to the challenge and set goals for you to achieve.
  2. Join GO GURNEE Facebook or the GO GURNEE Walking Club:
    Share your goals and join FREE walks.
  3. Walk: Get out, be active and achieve the goal you set for yourself.
  4. Track Your Progress: Use a tracker, preferred fitness app, device or favorite notebook.
  5. Continue the Challenge: Accomplish goals and make new ones as you GO! 


The Illinois Association of Park Districts has awarded the Waukegan Park District, Gurnee Park District and Lake County Health Department with an Intergovernmental Cooperation Best of the Best award for their work on GO Lake County.

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"We really wanted to incorporate the entire family into the Go Gurnee event," Gilbert said. "There are so many benefits to walking that we thought it was important to ensure all of our residents -- including our furry friends -- have plenty of opportunities to build healthy habits."

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Gurnee has launched an advisory committee charged with suggesting options to help make the village more walkable and easier to traverse for bicyclists.

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"We always try to fight technology, saying children are staying home because of technology, they're not getting out and moving," Kuruvilla said Friday. "But here's an opportunity to combine technology and physical activity. So that's where we thought it's an innovative idea for us to just tag along and get people engaged," shared Susie Kuruvilla, Executive Director.  

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Pat Bodame, Fitness Services Supervisor with FitNation, stated, “With FitNation being the leader for fitness in the Gurnee community and GO GURNEE focusing on getting people to move for 30 minutes a day, collaborating together on free fitness events just makes sense.”

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