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December 15, 2023

Winter Wonder at Gurnee Park District

There is something truly magical about the winter season here at Gurnee Park District. As we watch the snowflakes begin to float delicately to the ground, and we shake off the morning frost, we’re reminded of the beauty and joy that awaits around every corner. Whether it be connecting with nature, creating lasting memories, or finding new ways to stay active, we are truly excited to share this season of wonder, adventure, and togetherness with all of you.

At Gurnee Park District, we believe in the power of nature, which is why we strive to protect and showcase the natural beauty of our parks. The winter season is no exception. When the snow begins to fall, our parks begin their transformation into beautiful winter wonderlands, ready to be explored by all. Whether you prefer sledding down the snowy hill at Christine Thompson Park, ice skating with friends at our outdoor ice rinks located at Betty Russell Park and Viking Park, or hiking through one of our glistening trails, we invite you to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of our parks.

Looking for a little adventure this winter? Bundle up for a walk with our GO Gurnee Walking Club! Our walking club members meet every Saturday morning to traverse the scenic trails of not only Gurnee but those throughout Lake County. For members, it’s not only about exercise, but also creating new friendships with those who share similar interests, as well as engaging in warm conversations along the way. The sense of community our walking club embodies is contagious and we hope you can be a part of it this season and beyond.

As a park district, we strive to impart a feeling of connection and community in all that we do. This is especially true in this upcoming season of togetherness. Gather your friends, family, and neighbors for a lineup of special events that will make this winter season truly unforgettable. Delight in the joy of one of our favorite winter traditions – “Frosty Fest,” where you will find a variety of exciting activities for all ages to enjoy. No matter the season, we offer plenty of ways to keep the whole family involved and having fun.

After the holidays, we begin anew with a fresh start into a new year. Let FitNation help make 2024 your best year yet! Whether it’s a stimulating spin class, or a refreshing yoga session, our dedicated instructors will guide you towards achieving your fitness goals and keep you on track all season long!

Winter is a time for reflection and gratitude. With that said, we are honored to continue our commitment to providing memorable experiences that bring you closer to nature, foster a sense of community, and promote overall well-being. As we navigate the coming months, we thank you for being a part of the magic that is Gurnee Park District.

With warmest wishes and heartfelt appreciation,

Susie Kuruvilla, CPA, CPRP
Executive Director