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There are few American sporting events with the history and popularity of the Kentucky Derby. Its rich traditions – sipping a mint julep, donning a beautiful hat, and joining fellow race fans in singing “My Old Kentucky Home” are enjoyed across the country. While we can’t personally go to the “Running of the Roses” we can hold our own “Kentucky Derby” races at Viking Park. Put on your Sunday best, fix up your most outrageous hat, and bet on your favorite horses (with fake money) which you can then use to buy fun prizes. Enjoy a lunch of crispy chicken wrap, salad, fresh fruit, coleslaw, and of course dessert.

Registration deadline 5/9

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Join us for a throwback party to the 1960’s, a time of peace symbols, flower power, beach culture, short skirts, flares, and lots of hair! Enjoy a lunch of cheeseburgers catered from Red Robin in Gurnee, chips, and dessert followed by the greatest hits of the 60’s, Burt Bacharach, The Carpenters, Beatles, and more played by the Layni Katz Trio. Dress up as if it was the 60s again.

Registration Deadline 4/4.

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Join Frances Mai-Ling on a journey to talk about a Polish pastry that is celebrated throughout the world by all cultures – the PaczkiLearn what a Paczki is, what makes them so famous and sought after, and how it is different from other donuts! Enjoy a traditional polish lunch of stuffed cabbage rolls, potato & cheese pierogis, salad, and Paczkis for dessert. 

Registration deadline – 3/7

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Join us at the Gurnee Park District as we celebrate LOVE…our love of old toys that is. Enjoy a lunch of lasagna, bread, salad, and dessert from Tina’s Italian Cafe & Catering in Gurnee. Following lunch, go back in time with Dean Milano’s “Vintage Toys of the Past” program featuring a large display of antique toys and a slide show of additional toys, from the 1930s through the 1960s. Dean will have everyone reliving their childhood.

Registration deadline – 2/8

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