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Fishing Ordinances and Regulations

Did you know you can catch and release at Hunt Club Park (900 North Hunt Club Road, Gurnee)? Please be sure to abide by the rules listed below:

  • Fishing in District Waters shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the State of Illinois as administered by the Department of Natural Resources and comply with any rule or regulation or restriction posted by the District controlling the size, species and number of fish that can be taken from a designated body of water. Each fish possessed by an offender in excess of the fishing limit shall constitute a separate violation. 
  • Please be aware of signage at Hunt Club Park, which prohibit certain fishing locations.
  • Only a hook and line, using no more than two hooks per line, each line being closely attended, may be used.
  • No person shall use drugs, poisons, explosives, electricity, or missiles of any kind to fish in District Waters. 
  • No person shall dig, scratch, or otherwise disturb District Property in order to locate/take bait. 
  • Carefully and immediately return to the water any fish that does not conform to size or species restrictions imposed by any applicable state, or District law, ordinance, rule or regulation, or that the person chooses not to keep.
  • Ice fishing is prohibited on any District Waters.