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You’ll use buttons all over the place on the site by using either the GPD Button (Single) block (this block will always just left-align as far as it can wherever you use it – or more commonly the GPD Button(s) block that allows you to add more than one. In almost all cases you’ll want to use the GPD Button(s) block because you can have a group with just one button in it, but this block allowing for multilple buttons allows you to choose alignment – Left (default), Center, or Right. You can also use buttons inside of accordions & columns as you’d expect. Below are a few examples.

Single Button

Centered Row of Buttons

You can set custom icons too and choose whether icon appears before (left) or after (right) the text. For best practice, icons that indicate a call to action like arrows/angles to the right can be placed after the text but other icons that indicates what the button relates to (ie a PDF file icon, a basketball) can be placed before the text.

Right-Aligned Button Row