Warren Special Recreation Association (WSRA)

Warren Special Recreation Association (WSRA) is a partnership of the Gurnee, Grandwood Park and Wildwood Park Districts as well as Warren Township. In 2012, WSRA added a new location at 100 S. Greenleaf Street in Gurnee. This location handles all administrative responsibilities and some programs for WSRA. Various programs and summer day camps will continue to be held at the WSRA building at the Warren Township Center, 17801 W. Washington Street in Gurnee.

Visit WSRA's website for more information.

To request a brochure, register for programs or to be placed on the mailing list, please call 847-244-6619.

What Does WSRA Do?

WSRA is dedicated to providing recreational opportunities to people of all ages and various disabilities. They offer a range of programs from Special Olympics and social clubs to arts and crafts. Their programs provide opportunities, not only for recreation, but fitness, independence, social skills, behavior development and many other life skills. Often goals are met without even realizing it because the participants have so much fun!

What Types of Programs Does WSRA Offer?

WSRA offers a wide variety of programs for all ages ranging from preschoolers to adults. There is something for everyone!

  • Ages 3-6: swim lessons, music and socialization, arts and crafts
  • Youth: after school and days off programming, swim lessons, community outings and seasonal camps
  • Teens: after school programming, social clubs, Special Olympics, seasonal camps and art programs
  • Adults:day programs, social clubs, Special Olympics, movie trips, dining, exercise programs and special events

These are just a sampling of the programs you will find at WSRA. Please contact WSRA or check out their seasonal brochure at www.warrenspecialrec.org.


Gurnee Park District strives to ensure all the necessary accommodations are available to provide recreational opportunities to the entire community. To help us achieve this, we partner with Warren Special Recreation Association (WSRA) to provide support for the individuals that participate in our programs. For those that may need one on one assistance to help individuals with special needs participate in activities, please indicate a special need exists in your activity registration. If you feel your child has this need, we can work to secure an Inclusion Aid from WSRA, please be sure to register at least three (3) weeks prior to the start of your child’s activity so a proper companion can be secured. Availability of companions may vary, and certain criteria must be met for this support, but early registration is the most important way to allow enough time to secure this assistance.

In addition to support from WSRA, the Gurnee Park District provides accessible accommodations at its facilities, parks, and playgrounds to maximize access to all of our customers.