Welcome to SUMMER CLUB 2020!

We know that many families look forward to camp during the summer. We typically serve more than 1,100 children in our various camp offerings. This year, due to COVID-19 and the extensive requirements set by the Restore Illinois Plan and Illinois Department of Public Health, we are not able to offer summer camp as we have in the past. Instead, we are offering Summer Club meeting social distancing and various other safety guidelines that can accommodate limited amounts of children during multiple phases of Restore Illinois. It is our hope that we will be able to expand this offering should we reach subsequent phases in the plan this summer.

Summer Club is designed to best meet the needs of children going into Kindergarten through 6th grade. Summer Club will have small groups of 9, with 1 group leader in dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces. Fun, summer activities and games will be played within these groups. Our staff brings experience and enthusiasm and can't wait to guide children through a summer devoted to fun. On behalf of Gurnee Park District, we look forward to providing Summer Club, while following the safety guidelines provided to us by the CDC, IDPH and Restore Illinois Plan.

Spaces are available for Gurnee residents and those that reside within District 50 and 56 on a first come, first serve basis.


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Enter the lottery from May 21 - May 26.
Customer service is available to answer your questions Monday - Friday from 9 am - 2 pm.

 Summer Club and Restore Illinois Phases

In Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan, Summer Club will include: 

  • Small groups, 9:1 child/staff ratio
  • Children are grouped with siblings 
  • Each group will practice social distancing standards from other groups 
  • Summer Club staff and participants will wear face coverings
  • All lunch and snack items are brought from home 

Click here to view complete Summer Club guidelines within phase 3 of Restore Illinois

Additional details will be shared soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Additional details will be shared if Ilinois reaches the subsequent phases in the Restore Illinois Plan. This may include offering Summer Club to more children provided that additional space, staffing, and other resources are available.

 Summer Club Looks Like ... 

Although Illinois is in phase 4, we remain in compliance with Illinois phase 3 guidelines. 

9 children per group leader. Siblings will be grouped together.
Monday - Friday 6:30 a to 6 pm care available. Groups will remain in designated spaces.
Safety standards will include face coverings and gloves.
Lunch and snack will be brought from home.

 Two Summer Club Locations. One Fun Summer.

Hunt Club Park Community Center

Hunt Club Park Summer Club 
920 North Hunt Club Road, Gurnee
9 children per group 
1 group leader 
children will be grouped with siblings 

Sign up for 1 week at Hunt Club Park

Viking Park Community Center

Viking Park
4374 Old Grand Avenue, Gurnee
9 children per group 
1 group leader 
children will be grouped with siblings 

Sign up for 1 week at Viking Park

 Summer Club Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 week (5-day) full day (6:30 a - 6:00 p) options 
  • Parents may drop off or pick up any time between 6:30 a - 6:00 p
  • Group of 9 with 1 group leader (children grouped with siblings) 
  • Designated indoor/outdoor space for each small group 
  • Summer activities and games 

Please sanitize items brought from home. 

  • Children's belongings will be kept seperate from each other. All items should be labeled and brought daily:
    • Face covering / mask 
    • Water Bottle 
    • Sunscreen
    • Lunch and Beverage
    • Insect Repellent
    • Snack
    • Comfortable Shoes
    • Complete Change of Clothes (For our Younger Summer Club children)
  • Appropiate outerwear 
  • We ask that the following items DO NOT come to Summer Club 
    • Toys from home 

The Summer Club Team consists of the Recreation Supervisor, Coordinator, Site Leaders, Group Leaders and Floaters. Summer Club Team members are our most experienced staff; park and recreation professionals, certified teachers, adults, and college students.

  • Ratio of children to staff is 9:1 for all Summer Club options
  • Summer Club staff is First Aid, CPR, AED, and Epi-Pen certified

If you are dropping off or picking up your child between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm, please call your child's group leader. A staff member will then meet you outside. 

Drop off: 

  • parents will be required to wear and face covering / mask and follow social distancing guidelines
  • parents will remain in their vehicle
  • parents dropping off in the morning will be asked to sign off each day at drop off that their child is not showing signs of illness
  • staff member (wearing gloves and mask) will log child's arrival 
  • child will wash hands with hand sanitizer, prior to arriving in their room 
  • summer club staff will ensure child gets to designated room safely 

Pick up 

  • parents will be required to wear and face covering / mask and follow social distancing guidelines
  • parents will remain in their vehicle, staff will approach the vehicle with mask and gloves 
  • staff will check IDs  
  • staff will radio for child, and a staff member will bring the child to the vehicle  
  • child will gather all belongings and wash hands, prior to being escorted to their vehicle 
  • staff will share any updates for Summer Club to parents at this time 

Additional pick up and drop off information can be found in the Summer Club Parent Handbook 

Summer Club will begin indoors and go outside as much as possible and is held rain or shine, hot or cold. All Summer Club groups will utilize their indoor designated spaces on rainy and hot days.

Pick up during inclement weather: 

When Thorguard is active during pick up/drop off times, parents are required to come to the sheltered area just outside the entrance to the building to sign in/out their child. A sign will be posted outside the building informing parents that pick up/drop has been moved. Parents will be required to wear a face covering/mask and follow social distancing guidelines.

If medicine is to be dispensed at Summer Club, a dispense medication release must be uploaded to the ePACT. 


Refunds will be processed up to one week prior to the start of a new week. A service charge of $25 per session per child will be assessed. Service charges cannot be transferred. No refund will be issued if requested less than one week prior to the Summer Club start date.

 Additional refund information can be found in the Summer Club Parent Handbook 

Payment Policy

  • Once registered, all participants may pay either a $25 deposit or the full amount per week, per child at the time of registration to hold your spot. NOTE: the 1st week’s fee must be paid in full at the time of registration
  • All Summer Club fees must be paid in full 1-week before the new week begins or your child may not attend. 

 Additional payment information can be found in the Summer Club Parent Handbook. 

It is the responsibility of each parent to discuss the code of conduct with their child, and reinforce compliance with it. Children must be able to follow social distancing protocol and be able to exhibit appropriate behavior in a small group with a staff ratio of 1 staff to 9 children.

 All children and parents are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times while at the Gurnee Park District. Parents please discuss with your children that our activities are planned for small groups. Under the new safety guidelines groups will remain together throughout the day and will not be combined with other groups during Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan. While your child may not wish to participate in a specific activity, he/she is still expected to make an effort to be a part of the program.

Refer the Summer Club Parent Handbook for more information.

Summer Club Contacts

Customer service team is available to answer all your Summer Club questions from 9:30 am - 2:30 pm Monday - Friday. 

  • Gurnee Park District Main Office: 847-623-7788 

The following contacts and phone numbers will be used throughout Summer Club, starting June 8. 

Summer Club at Hunt Club Park Community Center

  • Room 1: 224-374-3303

  • Room 2: 224-374-3302
  • Room 3: 224-261-6698

  • Room 4: 224-374-3301

  • Activity Room A: 847-561-0455

  • Activity Room B: 224-645-3830

  • Gym A: 847-815-5029

  • Gym B: 847-815-3721

  • Meeting Room: 224-548-0002 

  • Dance Studio: 224-548-0014 

  • Multipurpose Room: 847-815-5023

The following contacts and phone numbers will be used throughout Summer Club, starting June 8. 

Viking Park 

  • Room 1: 224-548-0012 

  • Room 2: 224-374-3305

  • Room 3: 847-815-5027 

  • Dance Studio: 847-815-4983

  • Dance Hall A: 224-374-3304

  • Dance Hall B: 847-815-5025

Summer Club Forms

An online ePACT Information Form must be completed and submitted to the Gurnee Park District prior to your child starting Summer Club. This form includes those adults authorized to pick up your child, phone numbers to reach parents, and any special needs or accommodations.  Instructions on how to complete the online ePACT Information Form will be emailed to you. 

Summer Club Parent Handbook (download)