Studio Dance

Our Studio Dance program is designed using a detailed curriculum that takes you from beginner to advanced levels of instruction in a variety of dance forms. Our professionally trained and dedicated staff will teach and encourage your dancer to grow to his or her maximum potential.

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 Theatre and Drama

Dance, sing and act! Learn stage presence and performance by learning songs and dance routines set to numbers from popular musical theatre productions. Build self-esteem, confidence and creative expression all while having fun! Click here to learn about all of our current offerings.

 Parent and Child Music Classes

Parent and child classes are designed to allow the child and parent to work and play together, plus interact with others of the same age. Parents have the opportunity to meet other parents while children make new friends. These programs create lasting memories and build strong parent/child relationships! Click here to learn more about all of our offerings. Classes are contracted by Music-in-the-Box and Kindermusik.

 Youth Art Programs

Our goal is to provide highly informative instructional art classes, emphasizing a "how-to" approach to each lesson, while allowing a personal level of creative expression for each student. Click here to view all current youth art program offerings. Classes contracted by Young Rembrant’s.

 Adult Painting

This class, for beginning to advanced artists, introduces composition, color theory, and  techniques needed to successfully complete a painting. Individual instruction will be given. Click here to learn more about our painting programs.

 Foreign Language

Learn a new language while playing games, singing songs and doing art projects. This type of class can be very helpful to those families with a child who is part of a dual language kindergarten, or who may be considering this option. Click here to learn about all of our current foreign language offerings.

 Adult Dance

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore to stay healthy. Dance is a great way to burn calories, strengthen your bones and provides a great cardiovascular workout. Besides the health benefits, you will have fun along with socializing with friends. Click here to learn more about all of our current adult dance classes.