Tree Dedication

All dedicated trees are marked with in-ground plaques. The Park District will consult with families, individuals or organizations on the tree species and potential location. All installations will be completed by the Park District and will be planted at the proper time depending on the variety chosen. The Park District is responsible for maintenance and replacement of all trees and in-ground plaques. To preserve the integrity of our parks, we ask that you refrain from decorating trees. The Park District reserves the right to remove any decorations that are placed.

Each fall, a Tree Dedication ceremony and reception is held, recognizing the individual, couple, organization or special event, for which trees have been donated in the past year. Each donor will receive an invitation. The deadline to purchase a tree for inclusion in the next Dedication Ceremony is August 1. 

We will hold our Annual Tree Dedication on Sunday, September 30, 2018 at 1:00pm.
Tree order forms may be faxed to 847-623-8121 (payment by credit card only), mailed or dropped off at Viking Park Community Center (4374 Old Grand Ave., Gurnee, IL 60031) or Hunt Club Park Community Center (920 N. Hunt Club Rd., Gurnee, IL 60031). Once an order is processed, you will receive a confirmation letter.

Arrangements will be made to determine the best location in the park of your choice, depending on the tree variety you choose, along with the best time for planting. Due to their cost, the Park District orders in-ground plaques in bulk. Therefore, there may be a time lag between tree planting and plaque installation.

Your tree may be a shade tree, ornamental tree, or an evergreen. All trees are $250.00 and include the in-ground plaque.

A particular tree cultivar may be requested. Final decision will be determined by the Park District:
Shade - Hybrid Elm, Hackberry, Honeylocust, Ginkgo, Kentucky Coffeetree, Linden, Maple, Oak
Ornamental - Serviceberry (Single or Multi Stem), Japanese Tree Lilac, River Birch, Flowering Pear
Evergreen - Eastern White Pine, Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir, Dawn Redwood (deciduous)

Our Horticulturist may contact you to determine the specific variety of tree and location. If you have any questions about the trees listed above, or are interested in a species not listed, please call the Director of Parks and Planning at 847-599-3770.

In addition to your tree, you may opt to purchase a 5 x 7 inch walnut grain plaque for your home as a remembrance of the occasion. The plaque will have the name of the individual or individuals honored, the donor and the date the tree is dedicated. Wall plaques are an additional $45.00.

 Download the Tree Dedication Order Form