Working out is better as a team!


Interview with Bride-To-Be Jackie Russo, FitNation Gurnee Visitor. 

Both avid gym goers, soon to be married Jackie Russo and Patrick Tauber met at Illinois State University's Rec Center. After dating for 4 ½ years, they will tie the knot this summer on June 1 at Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling Illinois.

"The gym is our outlet and a great way to "break-away" for that hour or so,"

Jackie Russo

​Dedicated to fitness about 5 to 6 times per week, the couple decided that FitNation Gurnee, on Nations Drive would be a great place to share their passion and take a few photos to celebrate their engagement. "We love FitNation! It's a great gym and wonderful atmosphere," shared bride to be, Jackie. "It's clean and well maintained, a perfect setting to capture our love for one another as a health conscious couple." Although they enjoy working out together, they each have found their fitness niche. 

​Patrick Trauber's passion is in strength training, while Jackie prefers to focus on cardio and endurance. It's been a great balance as they share workouts with one another, provide tips and/or correct each other's form. "More so Pat teaching me," expressed Jackie.

Fitness provides a much needed balance for the engaged couple.Both understanding and appreciating the need to work and stay committed to a routine. "The gym is our outlet and a great way to "break-away" for that hour or so," shared Jackie.

The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. understand and appreciate the need to work out and be committed to their health. 

Jackie and Pat are truly an inspiration to others who are looking to find an outlet or get started."Working out and eating healthy should be looked at as a lifestyle, not a job," said Jackie. The couple continues to support one another and their goals. When not at the gym, they enjoy the outdoors with their dog, explore new places and occasionally indulge of their favorite candies.



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Saturday, January 22 2022

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