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Winter Walking Tips - Layer Up!

Layer up and be aware of the proper clothing to keep you warm while you stay active this winter. Our Go Gurnee Walking Club shares that layers are a great way to keep your body the perfect temperature during your work out.

Layer 1: Synthetic Material

A thermal, spandex or polypropylene keeps the sweat away from your body.These materials work as insulation and keeps body warmth next to your skin.

Layer 2: Fleece or Wool

Wool is able to warm and cool the body. As a second layer, it is breathable and works to deep you dry while exercising. Keep in mind the wool sweater you buy at a department store, is not the same as performance wool made for fitness.

Fleece is another option for the second layer of clothing. Consider wearing one that blocks the wind, containing an outer microfleece, middle "windstopper" fabric and then an inner knit. Lightweight options works the best when doing physical activity, as a fleece jacket will not be your only layer.This gives you the option to take on or off as your body heats up and cools down during your outdoor work out.

Layer 3: Waterproof, breathable outer option

Any jacket with a fitted hood or elastic hem, provides versatility, should the weather not cooperate with your work out.Pockets with zippers on the interior of the third layer keeps valuables safe, secure and warm.

After your body is all layered, do not forget about your feet, hands and head. Warm socks, durable gloves and waterproof hats complete your winter work out style. Stay warm and stay active this winter!

Go Gurnee will be hosting Winter Wonder Walks, should the weather continue to cooperate. Follow us on to join our Saturday walks at 9AM.


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Thursday, September 19 2019

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