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Teaming up with Warren Special Recreation Association for Inclusion.


Blog Author: Amber Bodame CTRS, Inclusion & S.O. Coordinator at WSRA | To meet the needs of people with disabilities who choose to participate in park district programs, the professional staff at Warren Special Recreation Association (WSRA) assist participants and their parents with the inclusion process. 

Inclusion services can include program observations, staff training, program modifications/adaptations, modified equipment, and/or a companion. Together, our goal is to provide participants with the least restrictive environments and to develop growth and independence.

Learn more about what programs offer inclusion, how to apply for accommodations and how our staff works together to make the most of every program opportunity for our participants.  Additional information can also be found on WSRA's website.

​From summer camp to before/after school CARE, to dance, swim lessons, youth sports and preschool, inclusion services are offered for a variety of Gurnee Park District programs.  As the title of inclusion suggests, it is not a one time shot.  The process is ongoing with the goal being for the participant to no longer require assistance in the program that was selected.  Below are the steps families take to apply for inclusion services: 

  • ​Park District Program Supervisor is contacted by the family
    • The supervisor will determine interests 
    • Programs will be identified 
    • It will also be determined if the participant meets the eligibility criteria for the program selected 
    • Assistance is provided with registration and discussion of what accommodations are needed 
    • Park District Program Supervisor will notify WSRA if assistance is required and send family proper WSRA paperwork 

  • WSRA is contacted or receives an Inclusion Request Form 
    • Inclusion Coordinator will contact the participant and family to set up an intake meeting 
    • After meeting, Inclusion Coordinator will contact Gurnee Park District Supervisor to discuss the participant's program needs and accommodations 
    • Inclusion Coordinator will also set up a time to observe participant in the program, if already registered 

  • ​Accommodations put in place 
    • Gurnee Park District Supervisor and Inclusion Coordinator will work together to put accommodations in place for the participant. Examples include behavior systems, visual schedules, reward charts, sensory objects, and other accommodation requests 
    • If an inclusion companion is needed, WSRA will hire and train staff to attend the program with the participant

  • ​Follow up throughout the program 
    • WSRA will check with all program staff regarding participant progress and adjust as needed 
    • Program staff with WSRA and Gurnee Park District will continue to encourage participant to become involved in all aspects of the program 

The Gurnee Park District and WSRA are proud to team up and work closely to make sure participant's needs are being met while allowing them to participate at their highest level of independence. 


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Tuesday, May 26 2020

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