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Teaming Up With Gurnee Police Department to Stop Bullying

Tami Martin, Education Specialist for Gurnee Police Department visited CARE, our before and after school program to shine a light on bullying and how to stop it from occurring.

 Bullied herself, Officer Martin looked to a career that would help serve and protect others. With experience as a high school police officer, Martin developed a passion for prevention. In this new role, Martin looks forward to working with the Gurnee community. 

"I want children to know that they aren't alone. Many of us, who are now adults, had an escape when we went home, but because of social media, it follows them there," Martin expressed.

Today, children have many outlets to express themselves. Social media and group settings can lead to a group mentality and support bullying. With that said, there is also an opportunity to develop a team mentality in a positive manner. 

With a goal to empower children to prevent bullying, Martin had children share why they are a star. Allowing them to focus on their strengths in order to build themselves up as well as help others. Again, placing a positive emphasis on an individual within a group. 

According to, adults, children, teachers and community leaders can help prevent bullying through open communication. Similar to Martin's outreach, adults can help prevent bullying with a focus on encouragement, concentrating on a child's passion and embracing what it means to be a role model.


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Saturday, March 28 2020

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