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Swim Tips For Your Freestyle


Learn from Aquatic Manager, Kara Moss. Swimming laps or taking lessons? Keep these tips in mind when working on your freestyle.

You know swimming is a good for you! Having proper form while taking swim lessons or working out reduces the risk of injury. Swimming builds strength and endurance while toning muscles. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working on your freestyle.


  • Kick from your hips more than your knees
  • Rotate your hips while kicking
  • Freestyle kick is NOT fast unless you are rotating your body

​Body Position

  • Head looking at a 45 degree angle (slightly in front of you) 
  • Shoulders and hips move at the same time
  • When you hand reaches in the water, that's the side of your body that should be pointed towards the ground


  • Reach out in front of you (almost as far as you can) and pull down with your arm slightly bent
  • Follow through until you hit your hips
  • Elbows should come out first


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Monday, June 17 2019

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