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Summer Camp in Gurnee. Safe, FUN and Affordable!


Attend Gurnee Park District summer camp at Viking Park and Hunt Club Park. Summer camp in Gurnee is safe, FUN and affordable. This year, families are able to select and sign-up for 5 sessions of camp. To align with local school schedules, sessions offer one or two week options.

Limited space is available to adhere to social distancing guidelines set by Restore Illinois and Illinois Department of Health. Be sure to enroll today and learn more about 2021 summer camp below!

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Summer Camp Safety 

Safety has always and continues to be a top priority for all campers attending Gurnee Park District summer camp. This year, additional safety precautions will be taken. Children and staff members will be required to wear masks and/or face coverings at all times. In addition, parents will be asked to remain in their vehicles for pick up and drop off. Hand washing and equipment cleaning protocols will be followed. Campers will be asked to bring a water bottle, snack and lunch from home every day.

Should children have food allergies or medical needs, our team is happy to accommodate and provide resources for necessary care.

Protocols are safety measures will be taken, should inclement weather occur during camp. All camps will have a designated indoor space for inclement weather. Camp is conducted outdoors and is held rain or shine, hot or cold.

View additional summer camp safety guidelines on our camp website.

Summer Camp FUN

Our staff is looking forward to another summer filled with FUN! All camps will participate in swimming or water play. All full day camps will swim at Hunt Club Park Aquatic Center 3 days a week. Gurnee Park District half day camps will not go to the Aquatic Center, but will have designated water play days that include slip and slides, sprinklers, water balloon tosses and games.

In addition to camp games and activities, every camp session will enjoy onsite entertainment.

Learn more about summer camp activities on our website.

Affordable Summer Camp Options

Summer camp options start with mini-camp from June 8 – June 11.This is a great opportunity to full day care at the end of the school year. Mini-camp is followed back session 1 which is a one week session from June 14 – June 25. Session 2 – Session 4 are all two week options. Notes that session 2 will not host camp on July 5. The summer ends with another 1 week option from August 9 – August 13.

View the charts below for pricing details.

Full Day Camps - 5 Days - K-8th Grade (9am-3:30pm) 
Sessions Dates Full Day Camps 
Mini Camp  June 8 – June 11      $51R / $64NR
Session 1 June 14 – June 25 $310R / $388NR
Session 2June 28 – July 9 $279R / $349NR
Session 3 July 12 – July 23 $310R / $388NR
Session 4 July 26 – August 6 $310R / $388NR
Session 5 August 9 – August 13 $155R / $194NR
Half Day Camps - 5 Days - K-8th Grade (9am-12pm) 
Sessions Dates Full Day Camps 
Session 1  June 14 – June 25 $143R / $179NR
Session 2June 28 – July 9$129R / $161NR
Session 3 July 12 – July 23$143R / $179NR
Session 4 July 26 – August 6$143R / $179NR
Session 5 August 9 – August 13$72R / $90NR
Half Day Camps - 2 Days and 3 Days - Preschool ages 3 to 5 (9:15am-11:45am) 
Sessions Dates Full Day Camps 
2 Day Session 1  June 15 – June 24 (T/Thu)  $86R / $108NR
2 Day Session 2June 29 – July 9 (T/Thu) $86R / $108NR
2 Day Session 3 July 13 – July 22 (T/Thu) $86R / $108NR
2 Day Session 4 July 27 – August 5 (T/Thu) $86R / $108NR
2 Day Session 5 August 10 – August 12 (T/Thu) $43R / $54NR
3 Day Session 1August 9 - August 13 $65R / $81NR

Before and after camp care can be added to any 1 week or 2 week full day sessions. View our website for additional information.

Camp registration is OPEN! Please enroll today. We can't wait to spend another summer with you! 


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