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Stay safe in water!

Blog Author: Nicole Mendez, Aquatic Coordinator 
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It is that time of the year! The weather is (thankfully) starting to warm up, the grass is becoming a bit greener, and we no longer have to scrape a sheet of ice off of our cars. Yep, summer is quickly approaching and before we know it, it will be time to bust out the bathing suits.

​ If you are anything like us, you beat the heat near a pool, lake, or beach.  However, one of the most important topics of the summer is often overlooked: water safety. With so many of our summer activities taking place near or in the water, it is critical that we consider the safety of our children and ourselves.

Safety Tip 1: Everyone should learn how to swim

Swimming is not only a recreational activity but a life skill that everyone should learn at some point during their life. While it is great to pick up this skill during childhood, it is never too late to learn! Gurnee Park District Swim School, offers swim lessons for every age and ability level, even adults!

Safety Tip 2: Get comfortable in water

Every lesson keeps water safety in mind, starting with the basics and getting comfortable in water. Important skills include floating, gliding, exiting at the wall, treading, and flipping from a front float to a back float recovery position. While this may sound overwhelming, Gurnee Park District Swim School has a safe progression for each skill. Modifications are made for each student to ensure they are comfortable as they move towards independence in water with each skill.

Safety Tip 3: Communication is key

At Swim School, instructors touch base with students, parents and guardians. Tips and techniques are provided to enhance skills as well as keep everyone safe when swimming outside of lessons.

Safety Tip 4: Swim skill progression = more water safety training

Beginners may work on getting comfortable putting their face in the water, while advanced swimmers push their limits and can learn to swim fully clothed, should they be in an emergency situation. When at swim school, instructors incorporate safety into each lesson, sharing the skill and how it relates to safety in water.

Before embarking on your summer aquatic adventures, be sure to keep safety top of mind. Learn to swim, get comfortable in water, keep communication open and know that as you progress, safety continues to be a top priority. 


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Friday, January 18 2019

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