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State of FitNation - Pool Updates

Pat Bodame, CPRP, Fitness Facility Manager​ -  It's been one month since the FitNation pool has completed 2018 renovations. The surface of the pool has been refinished and overall air quality within the pool area has been improved with an updated ventilation system.

"Nice place! Pool, machines, locker rooms, multiple aerobic studios, sauna, basketball court, etc. what more can you want?!? The rates are competitive with most large gyms. The benefit is that you get two locations (Fitnation and Hunt Club) for the same price." 

Michelle N. from Gurnee, IL | Yelp Review

A new pool surface for our indoor pool will:

  • Provide a smoother bottom surface
  • Consistently keep water quality at its highest level
The updated ventilation system will:
  • Extract more air out of the space
  • Provide a comfortable temperature for pool and/or swim school viewers

On behalf of FitNation, we appreciate your patience as we completed this project. We hope you continue to enjoy improvements! 

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Wednesday, April 1 2020

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