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Screen time for kids! Here are a few safe practices to keep in mind.


​Blog Author: Lisa Lombardi, Certified Life Coach and President of Lisa Lombardi Coaching Inc. | How much time is too much screen time? In this day and age you want children to embrace and learn from technology while keeping them safe online. It is a tall order in these times to say NO to a phone and all social media. Here are some tips to consider when your family is ready for screen time and new technologies. 

  1. ​Try to wait as long as possible to offer a smart phone until it becomes a true need for communication between you and your child.
  2. Agree with your children that you feel technology is amazing too, but only when it is used to enrich your life not hurt it.
  3. ​Start out with small doses of social media and keep monitoring and coaching your child on what is appropriate. Seek out Apps that offer monitoring and parental controls. 
  4. Share the positives of social media as well as provide information about safety, raising awareness of "stranger danger" on the web.
  5. Spend time talking about how fragile their reputation is and how one text or picture can affect it.
  6. Try to keep phones and other mobile devices such as iPads out of the bedroom and replace with alarm clocks for time management and morning alarms.
  7. Remind kids that their personal information full name, address and phone number is never to be posted. 

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