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New Year = New Habits


State of FitNation: Pat Bodame, CPRP, Fitness Facility Manager​ - We live in a fast paced world in every aspect. As a society, we want things to happen faster. Whether its how something gets done or even how we communicate.

This has transferred over to every aspect of life, including fitness. Everyone has seen the infomercials that promise quick results. The truth is, fitness has to be a lifestyle choice, rather than something that you do for a short period of time. Research has proven that in order to create a new habit, it takes a minimum of 2 months before it actually becomes a habit. There are myths that says it takes 21 days, but those have since been debunked and science has proven that it takes 66 days to create that habit (Phillippa Lally, European Journal of Social Psychology).

Here are 4 rules that I follow when it comes to fitness lifestyle. I encourage you to do the same when creating your new habits for the new year! 

Set Realistic Goals

Short term is better than long term. Remember, this is something that takes time and accomplishing small goals or daily goals will help you be successful.

Prepare Yourself

Whether it comes to working out or meal prepping, success is all in the way you approach it. If you set your workout clothes out the day before you are more likely to work out. If you prep your meals ahead of time, you are more likely to eat healthy.

Don't Get Discouraged by Failure

Expect it to happen, but when it does, win the next battle. The fitness journey is not perfect. Just because you have a bad day does not mean you can't have 2 good days next. Just keep wins above the losses and you will be on your way.  

Focus on You 

We sometimes get caught up in chasing everyone else. Set your own pace. This is the one of those times you should worry about you and how you measure your own success.


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Sunday, July 5 2020

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