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Learn to swim with your kids!

Blog Author: Nicole Mendez, Aquatic Coordinator
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It's summer! The Hunt Club Aquatic Center is filled with fun! Families are swimming, diving, and sliding their way through summer! Together with parents, Gurnee Park District looks forward to encouraging children of all ages to swim safely. The best way to start? Try swim lessons! There are a variety of swim options available for all ages, but we believe children should begin to swim as early as possible. Here's why!

With young children learning at a rapid rate, it is highly encouraged that swimming is taught at the same time as a basic skill, such as walking and talking. In order to easily transition into swimming, we offer Swim with Me!

What is Swim with Me? 

Swim with Me is a Learn to Swim program for parents and children to acquire swim fundamentals together. At each class, instructors lead skills, share tips on how to hold children in the water, build independence and teach water safety, each can be modified to match a child's ability and comfort level. Again, no need for previous experience or time in the water, everyone learns at their own pace in the comfort of a team environment.

Think of this program as a lesson for you, the parent, as well. We know that parents always have safety in mind when their children are near the water, but they often lack the experience or the technique to best help their child. For this reason, we use Swim with Me as a stepping stone for both parents and children to learn basic swim safety skills such as floating, kicking and submerging. Click here to start today and learn more! Here are our top three benefits of Swim with Me!

Get Comfortable 
Children who start with Swim with Me, tend to be less timid in later swim levels. With a parent or trusted adult support, students are willing and eager to perform the necessary skills. With parent collaboration, instructors are able to modify skills and work cohesively to provide lessons tailored to the needs of each student.

Develop Muscle Memory 
Early swimmers have the opportunity to learn basic techniques and continue to improve with age. Teaching the body how to effectively swim will help deter children from doggy paddling. Swim with Me offers numerous tips and tricks to develop muscles to help perform basic swim skills and enhance their safety in the water.

Learn Safety Skills
Children are extremely curious and they love to explore new things. While pools and beaches are two primary locations for summer fun, they can be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. Swim with Me programs, teaches basic safety skills for children and parents to work out together. Skills include, prompting, progressions and recovery positions.

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Friday, February 22 2019

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