Learn to Exercise Series - Strength Training Basics


Have you starting tracking your workouts? Remember, from the first blog of this series, I encourage setting a goal to exercise three days a week! You already do some cardio, but strength training seems daunting, stressful and you just don't know what to do. A lot of people feel this way, you are not alone.

For strength training I like to teach people to do compound movements. Compound movements are exercises that work a lot of muscles in your body at once. Examples of these movements are: squats, lunges, chest press and rows. These exercises build overall strength and they burn more calories.

How much strength training? 

You want to aim for 2-3 strength-training sessions a week to start. You can do more if you enjoy it!

How many sets and how many reps? 

Choose 5 exercises and do 10 reps from each exercise.Be sure to rest in between each exercise. Once you complete all 5 exercises, start again from the beginning.Work to increase reps, if you can, or do another 10.

Below is a workout that focuses on strength, before jumping in. Make sure you warm up with 5 or so minutes of light cardio.

Dumbbell Squats
2 x 10 

Try to increase weight each set if possible. even if it is a 2 or 5 pound increase, challenge yourself.  

Dumbbell Chest Press
2 x 10 

You can change the elevation of the bench to your comfort level. Photo shows two options for seated chest press.

Lat Pull Down
2 x 10 

Lat pull downs can have a wide or narrow grip, with movement to your back or in front.

2 x 10 

Use a medicine ball or free weight and find space for walking lunges or stationary reps. 

Abductor Machine
2 x 10 

Available at both FitNation locations. There are two on the fitness floor at Nations Drive with another in the Women's Studio.  

Need more information on just starting your workouts? Click to visit blog 1 of this series!

Blog 3, the last of this 3 part series will provide additional workouts and other recommendations for staying active and achieving your goal to work out three times a week!

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Saturday, January 22 2022

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