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Learn to Exercise Series - Circuit Training


Circuit 1
2 x 10

Glute Bridge and Single Leg Glute Bridge
This is super set.  Meaning, do one exercise right after another with no rest.

Kettlebell Shoulder Press
Work your rotator cuff, arm, and shoulder.

Romanian Deadlift
Chin up with the butt back.  Be sure to keep your hamstrings tight! 

Activate your back muscles. 

Circuit 2 
2 x 10

Leg Press
Set up the machine for your comfort level.

Chin Ups
Use the machine until you are able to do it yourself! This is a great goal to have! 

Lateral Shoulder Raises
Be sure your torso stay stationary. 

Back Extensions
Add weight when you feel comfortable.

Banded Side to Side Steps
Activate your glutes! Make sure you put the band in the proper position on your legs.


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Monday, November 29 2021

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