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Keep Your Heart Healthy


February is heart health month. According to The Heart Foundation, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.There are many ways to reduce your risks and live a heart healthy life! As your Park District, we're proud to provide a variety of resources for you to keep your heart a bit happier and healthier!

Spend time with loved ones 

When feeling stressed or tired from a long day, reach out to those you can count on most. Family, friends and quality time can be the best medicine.Consider trying something new together or scheduling a family game night to reengage and take your mind away from day to day stress. You can always visit one of our parks or attend an open gym. Here are a few upcoming events you can enjoy with us!

Heart-y, FREE Resources  

We're here to help and provide support for your health and wellness goals. Save the date for FitNation Gurnee's Open House on March 7 and Health and Wellness Expo on April 25! Can't make it? No problem! Every month, Community Care Coach of Rosalind Franklin provides free health screens at our Nations Drive location.Upcoming screen dates include:

In addition, GO GURNEE's programs are always free. The Walking Club meets every Saturday morning. Upcoming walk schedule can be found here!

Stay Active  

All it takes is 30 minutes.Challenge yourself to take a walk during lunch at work, get to the gym more, use the stairs rather than an elevator or park a bit further away from the mall entrance! Want to take it further? Or need support? Join the free GO Gurnee Walking Club to stay active, involved and motivated!

Want to learn more about GO? Save the date for our future events.

  • Tails on Trails | April 15, 2020
  • GO Kick Off | May 2, 2020

You can also take your health and wellness a bit farther with a membership to FitNation Gurnee. One membership provides access to two fitness facilities. On March 7, attend Nation Drive's open house or become a member today! 

There are so many ways for you to be heart healthy; make your time with family and friends count, utilize resources available to you and stay active! As your Park District, we're happy to help!


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Tuesday, May 26 2020

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