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IPRA Selects Patrick Bodame as Distinguished Member of the Year


Illinois Park and Recreation Association (IPRA) awards an active member of the IPRA Facility Management Section who exemplifies leadership and collaboration. Congratulations to Patrick Bodame CPRP, Fitness Facility Manager who has been a part of Gurnee Park District's growing fitness department for the last six years. With a contagious work ethic, Bodame continues to be an instrumental role model and industry lead. 

"Pat has had a huge impact at our agency and continues to be heavily involved in the Facility Management Section of IPRA," shared Scott Crowe CPRE, Director of Recreation. Crowe went on to say, "His involvement gives Gurnee Park District valuable insight, allowing us to apply ideas and enhance customer experience."

Bodame manages over 50 employees between two facilities. With the acquisition of FitNation in 2013, Bodame ensures a clean, safe, work out environment for members. He continues to show his passion and enrich the lives of others through health and wellness.

Outside of Gurnee Park District, Bodame supports the local community. He collaborates with Gurnee Police Department for local races and serves on the Gurnee Days Corporation. As Director, Director-elect and Fitness Section Co-Chair of Illinois Park and Recreation Association's Facility Management Section, he embodies industry leadership and continues to represent Gurnee Park District in a positive manner.

Congratulations again to Patrick Bodame for being selected as IPRA's Facility Management Distinguished Member of the Year! 


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Saturday, May 30 2020

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