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Gurnee Park District Youth Basketball Coach, Maggie Newton volunteers her time and shares her passion.


Blog Author: Athletics Supervisor: Chris Marzano, CPRP

Volunteer coaches make a huge difference, not only by supporting athletes but by dedicating their time to our programs. On behalf of Gurnee Park District Youth Basketball, we would like to thank all coaches who continue to dedicate their time. This blog spotlights one of our volunteer, youth basketball coaches, Maggie Newton.

"The best part of coaching is being with my two boys and sharing the love for the sport,"

Maggie Newton, Gurnee Park District Youth Basketball Coach 

Newton has been coaching both of her sons (Kyle & Max) since 1st grade. Today, both of her sons continue to play. Kyle now in 8th grade and Max in 5th grade. As an athlete herself, and High School basketball coach, Newton understands how to coach a variety of age and ability levels. Newton started playing basketball in Junior High. She continued on to play all four years at Berman High School in Midlothian, Illinois, ending her basketball career as a collegiate athlete at Rosary College, now Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois.

"When I finished my career as a collegiate player, I knew I wanted to remain active in sports. I started getting involved and helping out with coaching summer camps and eventually became a Varsity Girls Basketball at my alma mater with my sister," shared Newton.

She takes her experience and applies it to coaching, placing emphasis on fundamentals, teamwork, and success for each individual player. Newton continues to work with players of all skill levels while keeping the focus on fun. "The best part of coaching is being with my two boys and sharing the love for the sport," expressed Newton. She truly treasures every moment on and off the court with her family.

Newton goes above and beyond for the Gurnee Park District's youth basketball program. Her suggestions continue to assist with league improvements, growth, and development. As the basketball league supervisor, I could not ask for more. Maggie Newton gives so much of her time Gurnee Park District athletes and our youth basketball programs. On behalf of Gurnee Park District, we're thrilled to have Newton back for the 2019/2020 basketball season.

Thank you Maggie Newton and all Gurnee Park District volunteer coaches for your time and sharing your talents with our athletes. 


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Monday, June 1 2020

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