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FitNation Inspiration from Antonio Marquez, Member of FitNation Gurnee

When not at work, I truly enjoy my time at the gym. I started lifting in high school, like many others, realized I enjoyed it. From there, I decided to challenge myself each day to reach new personal records (PRs) and improve in areas where I am not the strongest in.

"Make your own goals and create a plan to achieve them." 

Antonio Marquez 
I was not the most in-shape kid and wanted to change my life. I decided to get involved in fitness opportunities provided at my school. I have gone from dreading every workout, to enjoying every moment and pushing my limits. I continue to work on my bench and deadlift, but I know it's important to focus on accomplishments too.
Recently, I accomplished PR Max on squats at 545. What's most important for those starting out is that your biggest competition is yourself. Make your own goals and create a plan to achieve them. I focus on hitting my own PRs, rather than my size, or overall endurance. That's what is so great about FitNation, it provides the resources for a variety of fitness levels and fitness goals. It also provides weights and equipment necessary for power and weight lifters.

To those just starting with FitNation Gurnee, you have to start somewhere. Do not get discouraged by the number on the scale, or what other members are doing. Focus on yourself, your accomplishments. From there, create specific goals that motivate you and your workouts. I shared my PR, and that was something I never thought I could do.

Keep pushing! 

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Tuesday, May 26 2020

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