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Quick tips for parents: Ways to get your child ready for preschool.


Blog Author: Sue McDougle, CPRP, Preschool Manager | The teachers and staff of Growing Tree Preschool look forward to meeting and learning with your child and your family.  Looking for a preschool that will meet the needs of your child? 

Growing Tree Preschool can be the right place. You can help your child transition too! In this blog, you're able to learn more about how you can help with your child's transition to school as well as, what your child should bring to school. To learn more, set up a 20 minute, in-class tour by calling 847-623-7788 or visit one of our upcoming Growing Tree Preschool Open Houses on January 22 or January 23.

Ways parents can assist with the transition to preschool:  

Starting school is not only a transition for your child but a transition for you too! These tips will help your family prepare for Growing Tree Preschool.  

  • Have your child stay with a trusted adult without you present before the school begins. This can help reduce separation anxiety 
  • Establish a healthy bedtime routine so your child is well-rested each school day
  • Children should have a healthy breakfast before coming to school 
  • Make school an important family priority!  Ways to do so include: 
    • Emptying your child's backpack and home/school folder together
    • Asking your child how their art project was made 
    • Compliment their efforts and practice skills such as writing their name at home 
    • Encourage them to sing songs they learned at school 
    • Ask about playtime, field trips, and their friends
    • Tell your child how proud you are 

What to bring to preschool:  

  • A backpack with a full change of clothing and a jacket or sweatshirt
  • A reusable water bottle half-filled with water
  • Comfortable clothing that is easy to manage in the bathroom and will withstand paint or glue stains
  • Gym shoes rather than sandals, flip flops and Crocs which are dangerous on playground equipment and woodchip surfaces
  • Sunscreen and insect repellant 
  • Refer to the monthly calendar and be aware of additional items such as: 
    • selecting a clothing item on "wear red day" 
    • bringing an item from home for show and tell day.


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Sunday, July 5 2020

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