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Warm Up Before Your Work Out

State of FitNation: Pat Bodame, CPRP, Fitness Facility Manager​ -  I want to take a moment to discuss a topic that is too often forgot about. I will admit that I am the first to skip my warm up before my workout. With that said, I do know the importance of it and try my best to always get that warm up in before I begin my workout. There are three components to remember when it comes to a warm up.

"While at the gym, ask our personal trainers for dynamic stretches and/or a warm up.  When at home or before your run, Google and YouTube are great references to view ideas for static or dynamic stretch sequences." 

Pat Bodame, CPRP, Fitness Facility Manager 
  1. Cardiovascular: Any light aerobic activity will work, whether you jump on a bike or a treadmill for a few minutes.

  2. Dynamic Stretching: Dynamic stretching is where you will use motion to prepare your muscles for the workout. Legs swings, knee lifts and torso twists are all great examples of this.

  3. Static Stretching: This is your typical stretching where a particular stretch is held for 30 seconds at a time. 


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Thursday, April 15 2021

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