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Don't use winter as an excuse. Get out and GO GURNEE!

Blog author, Dawn Szostak, GO GURNEE Walking Club member shares her experience and a few ways to get started and stay motivated throughout the winter.

"Come when you can, the hardest part is just getting started."

GO GURNEE Walking Club Member, Dawn Szostak

The colder weather can be tough to stay committed to my daily step goal, but the Walking Club continues me along the way. After being diagnosed with a heart condition, my doctor recommended getting out and moving. This is how I found GO GURNEE's Walking Club. When I started about two years ago, I was hesitant. From GO veterans to newcomers, expert walkers, and beginners, the Walking Club continues to be a great support group. I'm proud to call many of them friends.

 It is surprising to me, being born and raised in Gurnee how many new, local places the GO GURNEE Walking Club has introduced me to throughout Lake County. It is great to have a group week after week to walk with as well as hold you accountable.

If you're looking to start something new or waiting for the New Year to make a resolution. Don't. We walk every Saturday. View our full schedule here! Come when you can, the hardest part is just getting started. Using the winter as an excuse? Don't. Bring your outdoor gear and proper footwear. Once we get moving, you're warm and ready to continue the walk. Think you're too slow? Don't. There are a variety of ability levels! Our leader, Quin O'Brien provides different route options and path updates to assist in your walk planning too.

When not at the walking club, I look to stay active. My two dogs; Hazel and Bentley walk with me throughout our neighborhood. My goal is to walk at least three times a week. In addition, I continue to utilize my fitness membership at FitNation Gurnee.

My advice is to stop making excuses. The Walking Club is a great way to set individual goals and get the support you need to accomplish them. It's never too late to start something new.
I always look forward to meeting the new Walking Club members. Hope you can join us soon.


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Tuesday, May 26 2020

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