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Blog Author: FitNation Gurnee Member, George Inman | 

We met up with one of our members, George, who just completed his second cross-country bike tour. Learn more about George's travelling adventures, why he chooses to train at FitNation Gurnee and how he trains for such an amazing feat.

"While I do bike often, I don't consider myself a cyclist, but a traveler—I bike not for the sake of biking, but to see the world." 

George Inman
If you have ever gone to any of the cycling classes at FitNation Gurnee, you have probably seen me. FitNation is one of my favorite places to train for my two main passions—traveling and biking. Four years ago, after booking my first bike trip to New Zealand, I fell in love with cycling, my now preferred method of transportation when traveling. While I do bike often, I don't consider myself a cyclist, but a traveler—I bike not for the sake of biking, but to see the world. I have now done seven biking trips. Of those seven, two have been cross country across the United States.

My most recent United States tour began in Santa Barbara, CA and finished in Myrtle Beach, SC—a total of 3,443 miles in 36 days! Each day, I would ride about 100 miles on my bike, along with my 25 tour mates. We travelled through all sorts of unpredictable weather and difficult terrains. In order to prepare for what this tour would throw at us, I had to find a great facility to train at.

​ I came to FitNation a couple of years ago when one of my favorite cycle instructors (Linda Jackson) transferred here. I enjoy training at FitNation for several reasons. For one, there is a social aspect that makes it more rewarding and fun. It is always nice to see the same people each week and support one another. The variety of classes gives me training options that properly prepare me for strenuous obstacles, such as mountains and larger inclines. Since Illinois is such a flat state, being able to train for this can be difficult, but essential. Finding a great facility like FitNation is just one step in a lengthy training process.

Just a few words of advice for those looking to get into cycling or training for a cross-country bike tour.

  • Be sure to not only train physically but be prepared mentally and emotionally as well. When training this physically, you are also preparing yourself for the mental and emotional aspects of the tour. One of the hardest parts of a cross country bike tour is being able to push yourself to begin each day again, no matter the weather or how much your muscles ache. It all comes down to training.
  • Set up a training program that works with your lifestyle. I set up my own training program, mapping out how many miles I want to do each week (a combination of indoor and outdoor miles). I try to beat that goal each week. In order to beat these goals, I work out a minimum of six days a week and attend up to three cycling classes a day.
  • Be ready for the long haul! For this last tour, I trained an approximate total of 8,000 miles in 8 months. That is both indoors and outdoors.
  • Find a ride for yourself and your goals. Get inspired. There are plenty of ways to see the world via cycle. From one week trips to cross county journeys, do this for yourself and to meet your goals! 

​ At 65 years old, I make staying in shape a top priority in order to travel and continue to cross off the places on my bucket list. FitNation Gurnee helps me to do this. I am excited to continue training for my next two bike trips — the Canary Islands and France!



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Friday, August 19 2022

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