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Bundle up and go sledding!

Take advantage of the snow! Christine Thompson's Sled Hill has had a busy winter so far! The park is located at the corner of Woodlawn and Belle Plaine Avenue in Gurnee. Your most common questions are answered here. Stay safe and enjoy the snow!
  • Is the sled hill open? Be sure you check these resources before leaving your home!
    • Click here for all information about our sled hills and ice rinks
    • Conditions, openings and closures are posted in real time
  • Are Park staff on site for supervision?
    • Sled hill use is at your own risk
    • The hill is not supervised
    • Users assume full responsibility for determining if conditions are safe for sledding
  • What about snowboarding or tricks?
    • We ask that the hill is used for sledding only
    • Please do not jump, build ramps or use alternative items for a sled
  • What safety policies do I need to be aware of?
    • Rules are posted at the sled hill. Here are a few to be aware of:
      • Sled down the hill, only when it is clear of other sledders
      • Sled only in permitted designated areas
      • Walk to the top of the sled hill along the fenced sides to avoid collisions
      • Sled hill closes at dusk​

Have a safe and fun winter! 


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Thursday, July 2 2020

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