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Adjusting to working from home? Ways to stay productive, healthy and organized.

Many professionals in our community have found themselves working from home. No time for your usual morning workout, no lunch break with co-workers, team collaborations, and forget about the time in the car after a long day to decompress before being greeted by your pet, baby sitting mother-in-law, or children. This blog will provide ways for you to work from home in a productive, healthy and organized manner.

Dedicate a workspace  

​ Your home is where you're most comfortable. Get your mind and body ready to work. Should you have a home office, great! If not, dedicate space at your dining room table, in your basement or living room. Wherever you decide to set up your "office" be sure to put all work-related items away at the end of each day. Setting up and then cleaning up at the end of each day will create a work-life balance in your home. This way, work doesn't feel like it is with you 100% of the time you're at home.


Keep posture top of mind and take time for stretch and/or movement breaks

Practicing proper poster and movement breaks will help prevent common neck, shoulder and back problems shared Athletico Physical Therapy's Gurnee North Facility Manager, Kruti Oza, PT, Astym Cert. It will also improve your mood and energy throughout the day. Here are a few quick tips from Kruti Oza, PT, Astym Cert. to consider in your work from the home setting:

  • Keep your computer monitor at eye level, and place your keyboard close to your body
  • Sit in a chair with back support to avoid slumping
  • Use speakerphone when able to avoid tilting your neck
  • Keep muscles loose by taking a standing or walking break every 30 – 45 minutes
  • Be sure to stretch out your neck, hands, and shoulders.

More tips on ergonomic information can be found on the Athletico Physical Therapy blog. 

Need stretching recommendations, try Athletico Physical Therapy's Reversal of Posture Exercises below. Please be sure to consult your physical therapist should you have any prior conditions or aches and pains. 

Click each image to enlarge photos. 

Create and follow a schedule 

Be sure to set aside time for things you enjoy and/or need to get done; workout in the morning, cook, dedicate time to walk your dog, make a list of quick chores … etc. Consider documenting the schedule, this will provide another level of accountability.

A set work schedule can also help you establish a schedule for your family.

Get creative, but stay organized. This will help your days run smoothly, relieve some stress and provide some stability. 


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Sunday, July 5 2020

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