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5 Reasons Your Child Should be Swimming Year Round

Swim Lessons at FitNation in Gurnee

Did you know there are more than 18 million swimming pools and hot tubs in the United States? Yet almost half of America can't swim according to the American Red Cross.

Swimming is not only a great cardiovascular and resistance workout, but it also provides skills that could save your child's life.

Our best defense is to teach our community how to swim and be safe while having fun. Here are the top five reasons why your child should be swimming year round:

1.  Builds endurance

Swimming is an aerobic activity that works multiple muscle groups and helps build cardiovascular health.

2.  Provides children the opportunity to socialize in a setting outside of the school day

Swim lessons are fun – especially with Gurnee Park District Swim School! We strive to provide a lesson experience that is both enjoyable and productive for every participant. For more information, visit

3.  Warm water

Enough said. No one likes to jump into an ice cold pool, and that's exactly why the pool at FitNation in Gurnee is set to warm! Everyone should have a good experience at the pool and that starts with getting into the water. Want to check it out? Visit for more information.

4.  Repetition

Repetition is the best! When your kids are on break and get out of their daily routine, life can be hectic. We don't want your kids to get rusty or lose any motivation, so sign up today! We have friendly instructors waiting for you. For more information, visit

5.  Learn safety skills for indoor and outdoor pools

Safety doesn't stop because the summer is ending. We want your children to be safe regardless of the season, location or instructor teaching them. Set them up for success and register your child to be a part of the Gurnee Park District Swim School year round:


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Thursday, June 4 2020

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