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Halloween crafts with Growing Tree Preschool: How to make a glow in the dark ghost.


Our Growing Tree Preschool students spent three days creating spooktacular Halloween decorations to bring home. Special thanks to Gurnee Park District Growing Tree Preschool Teachers Robin Pfenning and Elaine Fox, from Room 3 at Hunt Club for their creativity and leadership!

It was so much fun to follow along and see the final ghostly and glowing reveal! Make your own ghost by following the directions below. Enjoy a few photo tutorials from our Growing Tree Preschoolers too! 

Supplies needed: 

  • large bowl 
  • cheese cloth 
  • wax or freezer paper 
  • plastic cup 
  • washable school glue 
  • water  
  • glow in the dark paint 
  • paintbrush (small) 
  • sponge (small) 
  • glitter 
  • paper plates 
  • googly eyes  

Day 1  

​Supplies needed for day 1 include a large bowl, cheesecloth, wax or freezer paper, plastic cup, washable school glue, water, glitter, and a paper plate. 

  • Place freezer/wax paper over a paper plate
  • Plastic cup to be placed upside down on top of the wax or freezer paper
  • In a large bowl mix washable school glue with water (about 50%) to create a liquid consistency
  • Cheese cloth will be placed into the bowl until covered with the glue mixer
  • Squeeze cheesecloth to remove any excess liquid
  • While on the plate, cover the plastic cup with glue covered cheesecloth, spread cheesecloth over the cup to create your ghostly shape! Get creative with the shape of your ghost
  • Before the glue dries, place glitter on the cheesecloth for added sparkle. Use as much or as little glitter as you would like.  Just know, the more glitter, the less the paint will show for your ghost to glow 
  • Leave to let dry on the plate overnight 

Day 2  

Day 2 supplies include your dried ghost form, glow in the dark paint, sponge, paintbrush, paper plates (to place paint and glue), and googly eyes.

  • Double-check that your ghost has dried overnight
  • Keep ghost on the plate and wax paper
  • Gather and set up supplies, including pouring glow in the dark paint on one plate and a little bit of glue (enough for two eyes), on another plate
  • Use the sponge to apply as little or as much glow paint to your ghost
  • Once glow and the dark paint is applied, use paintbrush to place glue on the back of each googly eye and place on your ghost
  • Remaining on the plate/wax paper, set ghost aside to dry overnight 

Day 3  

No additional supplies are needed. Ghosts should be dry and ready to glow.

  •  Remove ghost from a paper plate and wax paper
  • Ghosts will glow best in a room with no windows or direct sunlight
  • Turn lights off and enjoy your glowing, ghastly ghost  creation


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Saturday, July 4 2020

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