Preschool Activities for Your Little Learner


​Blog Author: Sue McDougle, CPRP, Preschool Manager |  Each day at Growing Tree Preschool is filled with a myriad of opportunities to learn, grow and play. Our active learners at Growing Tree Preschool truly engage and are hands on each day.  From matching activities to science as well as cause and effect, there's always a new way to learn! 

Matching Activities  

Growing Tree Preschool students participate in a variety of matching activities each day in preschool. The youngest students (our 2 ½ year olds) enjoy peg puzzles, where they match the picture and shape to the appropriate location on the puzzle board.

At the beginning of a typical preschool day, three and four year old students match counting bears to color and quantity, pompons are sorted by color using tweezers, also improving fine motor skills. A game often enjoyed during the preschool day is "Who's Missing" where children determine which classmate from the group has stepped out of view.

Science Activities  

Science activities captivate our Growing Tree Preschool students.

When learning about colors, children mix their favorites to create other colors.

Other science activities for preschoolers include creating a vacuum that pulls a hard-boiled egg into a bottle, or seeing how many drops of water fit on a penny.

Each spring, Growing Tree Preschool students get to observe the process of caterpillars turning into butterflies! They are then released outside of the classrooms in Gurnee at Viking Park or Hunt Club Park.

Children in all Growing Tree Preschool classes love to engage in science activities!

Cause and Effect Activities  

Cause and effect activities teach Growing Tree Preschool students outcomes.This is shown in a variety of fun ways.Matchbox car races using various heights and lengths teach problem solving as well as introduces friendly competition.

Examples of more life skills that are introduced with cause and effect activities include:

  •  Dressing appropriately for the weather: Children are asked to practice zipping and buttoning for winter play.  Always remember, snow pants go on before boots
  • Hand washing: Special Germ Juice is used to look under Germ Lights to explain the importance of washing hands.  Once hands are washed, the Germ Juice disappears under the Germ Light!

Other favorites of our Growing Tree Preschoolers include melting ice in a variety of liquids to see which melts fastest and creating tambourines with a variety of sizes of beans to change the sound. These are just some of the many cause/effect activities at Growing Tree Preschool. 

Come check out more and see how we learn, grow and play at an upcoming open house on August 27 at our Hunt Club Park location or August 28 at our Viking Park.


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Monday, February 24 2020

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